How It Works


Phone Direct is a comprehensive phone service for businesses and organizations across the UK. Our team of UK-based professionals can provide 24/7 phone services to your business.

We understand how important it is to maintain a human presence at your business. This is why we will always be there to answer your phone calls and provide live chat support. 

We also offer professional management packages and other phone services for businesses, such as social media management, e-commerce and order management, virtual offices and business phone numbers.

At Phone Direct, we offer our clients a number of packages to suit your needs. Continue reading below to learn more about how our service works.


How We Are Different

  • App features: Using our convenient and accessible online app, clients can gain an unrivaled level of insight into our digital services. You can see every single interaction, such as call time, length and more. This allows you to customize your strategy and make all the adjustments you need to optimize your call answering service.
  • UK-based team: Our team of call answering professionals is based in the UK, are bilingual and will be fully up to speed on your business. We will closely analyze your company and develop a strategy built around your requirements.
  • 365 days a year: There will not be a single minute of a single day where Phone Direct is not available for your business. No matter when you require our digital services, our experts will be there to deliver results. We can work at all times of the year, whether on public holidays or at any hour of the day.

Additional Tools

We offer a wide range of additional tools and add-ons for businesses to customize their experience. This includes appointment setting, live web chat, CRM integration and many more. Get the most out of your phone service with Phone Direct.

Instant notifications

You can receive instant notifications in the event of certain calls or messages. Customize which notifications to receive so you are immediately alerted to any important inbound calls or messages.

Insight reports

Having access to detailed reports and statistics on your digital services is vital for efficiently running your business. Our intuitive web portal enables you to view every single interaction for maximum insight. You can keep track of important statistics and events to make key decisions.

Call forwarding

There is no need for your business to set up a new phone number to work with Phone Direct. Simply forward your existing lines to us and we will handle everything from then on. However, we can set you up with a new business number if you need one.

Call transfers

We are able to transfer any phone calls to whatever number you need. This can be your office phone, home phone or mobile phone. No matter what your needs are, Phone Direct will strive to deliver the highest quality results.



If you are interested in working with the UK’s best phone service, get in touch with Phone Direct today. Our friendly team is happy to hear from clients and will talk you through your options.

Alternatively, you can visit our website to learn more about our fantastic services. When it comes to phone services, Phone Direct is the best provider in the UK.



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