VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol): is a protocol that makes voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of regular phone lines.
VoIP uses two types of devices: 1- Soft phones: This can be any computer devices ( desktops , laptops, tablets, iPads, smart phones). 2- VoIP handsets also known as SIP Phones or IP phones: these are designed handsets to be used with VoIP, they have more options which are not found in the ordinary telephones.
VoIP phones don't use any coper lines or any other types of line, they are simply need to be connected the a wi-fi router with a fast internet connection. And in case of using softphones, all you need is a software on your computer.
Yes, with a special adapter you still can make VoIP calls using your regular landline phone.
In most vases yes, you can port your number(s) into a VoIP system easily. The only exception here is numbers with special features like the ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) which allow multiple phones to make and receive calls simultaneously using one physical line.
VoIP is much cheaper comparing to the phone systems, the main reason here is that VoIP uses an internet connection only so there is no need for a separate system, no additional hardware and no complex set up required.. Also when we look at maintenance, in the VoIP scenario there is no line extensions from the service provider to the user, no use of street cabinets.
Yes, VoIP allows using the same phone number across multiple devices, softphone, VoIP handsets or mix of both.
Yes, you can hire a DID number from us. DID (Direct-Inward-Dialling) is a virtual phone number that offers more functionality and features comparing to ordinary phone numbers. If you would like to hire a toll-free number we can help you too. Toll-free number is a telephone number with with a prefix that can be dialled from any devise or handset with no charge to the person placing the call.

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