Tailored Solutions

Call Answering

Our Call Answering Plans Starting From Just ..

£ 9.99

Features including:

  • DID Number
  • Call Patching
  • Call Recordings
  • Flexible Options to Suit Your Needs!
  • Competitive Pricing Tailored to Your Business Requirements.

For higher usage please get in touch with the sales team at [email protected]

VoIP Services

VoIP Services Tailored to Your Needs, Starting From Just ..

£ 6.99 per user

Features including:

  • DID Number
  • Call Patching
  • Call Recordings
  • Discover Scalable Solutions For Every Size Business.
  • Enjoy Competitive Rates With Custom Packages Designed For You
  • Benefit From Essential Features Like Did Number, Call Patching, And Call Recordings

Find Out More About Our Full Range Of Services And Special Offers. Find Out More About Our Full Range Of Services And Special Offers. [email protected]

Live Chat

Engage with Customers through Live Chat, Get started for FREE

£ 0.00 per chat

Features Include:

  • Information Capturing
  • Script Forwarding
  • Dedicated Agents
  • Tailored Plans Available - From Basic To Unlimited
  • Options To Fit Every Business Size
  • Try Our Live Chat Service With No Initial Cost.

Experience our Live Chat service firsthand without any commitment. Upgrade at any time to a plan that supports your growing needs. Contact us for more information on how we can help you connect with your customers effectively.


Ensure Your Business

Continuity & Service Levels


Choose Your Package

We understand that businesses want to find a phone service that is built around their needs. This is why we offer our clients a range of packages, so you can select one that fits you.

Our clients will never be locked into a payment plan, so you have complete freedom and flexibility to choose what you need.

Monthly Package

Our monthly package offers the best value for money, allowing you to benefit from our world-class phone answering services at a cheap and competitive rate.

All you have to do is pay at a fixed monthly rate and you can benefit from our incredible services. There will be no limits to your monthly usage if you join us on a monthly package.

Pay As You Go

Some of our clients prefer to sign up on a pay-as-you-go package. This means you aren’t committing to any fixed amount per month. Instead, you can control how much you spend.

Our pay-as-you-go package allows you to top up your account whenever you need. You can easily top up your account and keep close control over your finances.

Check Your Usage

You can easily keep track of your usage by logging into our online app. Our convenient web portal gives you instant access to your service usage. Whether you are on a monthly package or pay-as-you-go, monitor your calls and keep up-to-date on reports.

Our clients will never be locked into a payment plan, so you have complete freedom and flexibility to choose what you need.



Have You
Any Questions

A call center agency can provide your business with high-quality call center and phone services. This can include phone answering, virtual receptionists, business phone numbers, live chat support, call forwarding, lead generation and much more. Our call center agents are highly experienced professionals offering bilingual call services. Phone-Direct call center services are UK-based and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer bespoke plans and campaigns that allow our clients to customize their experience at an affordable price.
Yes, our call center services are available worldwide. You can partner with Phone-Direct no matter where you are in the world and enjoy our fantastic services. Our call center professionals speak multiple languages and are available at all hours. We have worked with over 500 clients from across the world and offer unrivaled regional expertise. Our team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for clients in any timezone. We can work according to your specified schedule and will always deliver results.
There are many different call center agencies. Phone Direct is an all-in-one call center agency providing every service you could possibly need. Our professionals can help you with various services including business phone numbers, call answering and forwarding, digital management, live chat support, lead generation and virtual receptionists. We are the best call center agency as we offer everything in one place. We aim to deliver in every department to help our clients succeed. Our custom packages are built around the needs of your business.
Call center outsourcing allows your business to benefit from a professional call center like Phone Direct. Outsource all of your call needs, such as phone answering, forwarding, business numbers, virtual receptionists, live chat support and more. Outsourcing to Phone Direct enables your business to focus on the things that matter. Let the professionals deal with everything call center-related. You are in the best hands with Phone Direct. Our outsourcing packages can come on a regular monthly basis or pay-as-you-go whenever you need. We are a flexible agency that puts our clients’ needs first.
Outsourcing your call center needs is much cheaper than hiring your own team. You can work with industry experts like Phone Direct at an affordable rate. We offer a variety of packages depending on your needs. Build your own package and choose which call center services you need. You can also pay by the month or sign up to our pay-as-you-go program to manage your finances. Our rates are incredibly competitive so you are guaranteed value for money.
All you need to do is contact Phone Direct to hire a call center today. One of our experts can discuss your options and come up with a plan immediately. You can contact us by phone or email to learn more. Alternatively, visit our website and fill out your details and someone from our team will reach out. With Phone Direct, you can hire a call center at an affordable rate and save money. Our industry experts work tirelessly to achieve success for our clients.
Phone Direct is a UK-based call center agency offering a wide range of call center services for businesses across the world. Our team of call center agents are fluent in multiple languages and we are experienced working with clients from around the globe. We can develop campaigns anywhere in the world for business with a global scope. Expand your network and engage with customers worldwide.
Lead generation is one of our strengths. Our experts draw upon a wide range of strategies to generate leads and help your business thrive. Our targeted, data-driven approach to lead generation ensures we generate high-quality leads in B2B and B2C markets. We harness your customer information to make accurate decisions and optimize your lead generation strategy. Whether through sales calls, phone answering, live chat or other strategies, we will help your business grow.

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Almost every business organization maintains a digital presence to communicate with customers and clients. This can be one of your main lines of communication, so it is important to provide an exceptional level of service.

At Phone Direct, we offer a wide range of phone and digital services on behalf of businesses.

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