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Customer service has been an important component of operating a business for thousands of years. Without a sufficient level of customer service, businesses will struggle to retain customers or attract new ones.

This is why having an effective customer service strategy in place is absolutely vital for the future of your business. You can work with a professional customer service provider like Phone Direct who can meet all of your customer service needs.

We offer a wide array of customer services, such as a virtual receptionist, phone answering, live chat support, and much more. Become a part of the Phone Direct team today and take your business to the next stage.


What Is Customer Service

Customer service refers to the support offered to customers before, during and after they use your products or services.

Being a reliable and successful business is not just about selling your products or services and moving on to the next customer.

You need to provide support and services every step of the way to ensure that your customer is left with a feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

There are many different aspects to customer service in the modern-day including:

-          Live chat support: Phone Direct can provide your business with excellent live chat support services that will allow you to keep in touch with customers. Our 24/7 live chat services will allow our customers to stay in communication with your business. This will give them a sense of trust, support and reciprocity.

-          Self-service: Some forms of customer service are available in a self-service model. This includes channels such as a help center, customer community, FAQ pages and more. This can be one part of a multifaceted customer service strategy that gives customers the option of finding answers for themselves or communicating with your business directly.

-          Phone: Sometimes there is simply no substitute for hearing a human voice on the other end of the line. Phone Direct can offer phone answering services and virtual receptionists and give your business a human touch. We will deal with customer inquiries directly over the phone 24 hours a day.

-          Social media: So many of our online activities now take place on social media platforms. It is natural for businesses to establish themselves on social media and to remain in contact with customers. Phone Direct offers social media management services, where we can handle your social media accounts. This can include making public posts and dealing with individual customer questions.

-          Email: In many cases, leaving an email is the optimal choice when a customer wants a solution. With Phone Direct, our customer service management will handle emails and questions from customers on your behalf.

-   Call forwarding: Our customer service experts can forward calls to your phone if necessary. This allows busy business owners to pick and choose which calls to take or leave.


Does Customer Service Work?

There are hundreds of studies that prove just how important customer service is in the world of business. Without an efficient customer service strategy, your business risks losing out to other competitors that treat their customers with more attention.

Up to 90% of consumers report that a high level of customer service is a necessity when dealing with a business.

There are many perks to customer service including:

-          Greater retention: When a customer has a positive experience with your business, they are likely to come back for more. Studies have shown that even a small increase in customer retention can lead to big profits.

-          Reputation: How your business treats your customers is a part of the wider picture of your public image. Demonstrating that you care about supporting your customers shows that your business is serious about providing high-level products and services.

-          Morale: Keeping customers happy isn’t just something that benefits the customer - it can also have a wonderful effect on the morale of your team. Employees interacting with happy customers are much happier in their jobs, as they believe they are making a positive difference in other people’s lives.

-          Adapting: Keeping in close communication with your customers and listening to their needs can actually inform your business practices moving forward. This can allow your company to keep its ear on the ground and adapt your products and services to the needs of customers.

Happy customers are much more willing to pay more for your products and services due to the positive experience they have.

Investing in a top-quality customer service company like Phone Direct can work wonders for your business. This will allow you to maintain a positive reputation, customer base and provide high-quality services and products.


Our Expertise

Some Of The
Services We Offer



Phone Direct is a phone services company in the UK providing a wide range of customer service packages.

We are experienced in working with businesses across all industries, so we can help your business enhance its customer service.

Our customer service solutions are built around your company. We can develop a bespoke customer service plan that plays to the strengths of your business.

We can offer:

-          Flexible payment: With Phone Direct, you can choose from several payment plans that suit your needs. Pay on a monthly basis or join our pay-as-you-go scheme to top up your account as and when you require.

-          Diverse services: Customer service is a diverse and three-dimensional area that requires a wide range of solutions. Phone Direct can offer expertise in many different facets of customer service so that you are covering all your bases.

-          Leading experts: Our team of customer service experts have spent decades in the industry at the highest level. We closely understand what it takes to develop a winning customer service strategy for our clients.

-          24/7 coverage: Your business never sleeps and neither do we. Phone Direct will provide customer service solutions 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our coverage will ensure your business is always available for your customers.

If you are interested in our fantastic services, get in touch with Phone Direct today. You can reach us by phone, email or visit our website to learn more.



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